Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Semester Same Person

It's been a while since I last wrote my entry here. So now, I'm back.:)
New semester, same person. Yeah, the same person as before maybe a lil bit change physically. Haha. Beysa broooo~ Oh yeah, today will be the 2nd day for our new semester. First of all, Alhamdulillah, lulus juak ahernya. Time cuti ng mikey pasal result jak keja, ne ndak.. bingong utak mikey kohh...~ ya rindok atyyyyyy..Ehehhhh.. melalut indah keja ku. 
Okay, today is a new day, make a new start, a fresh one. Past? Just let it be to where it belongs. Where? Let u decide it. Rise and shine fellas. :) 
*Can't wait to meet friends especially Eton. Miss her btw. 
Bye~ ^^

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