Sunday, February 5, 2012

Even it is hurt.

It's 2.00 am now and I can't go to sleep because a double cheese burger 'bus' was on their way to my intestine. While eating, I keep on thinking, should or not I eat this at this kind of time. (afraid of gaining weight actually). And at the end, I came up with this thought:

Why does people keep on mentioning a person about his/her fattiness? Did they do anything bad to you? Why don't you give them some motivation so that they can improve their own health and lose weight either than keep on saying ' are too heavy, i can't hold you.' You would make one hurt even you are seeing them smiling when you saying those word to them. Did you ever experience it? If you does, then you know how does it feel. It feel GREAT right?

Did you know, by giving them a few words of motivation could burn up their spirit to change themselve. So, do not let them down, give them support. :)

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